Wednesday, 16 September 2015

University advice

As my second year of university dawns, I can't stop thinking about the scared girl who reluctantly walked into Flat 21 last September after crying the whole hour and a half  journey.

While I wasn't living miles and miles away from home it was still far enough for me to be homesick. Now I've never been a homesick girl, I spent a week away in Switzerland at the age of 13, loved sleeping round people's houses and never had experienced homesickness until I experience the horror that was Magaluf last summer.

So after that I was petrified to go to University, the first month I basically cried myself to sleep every night but after I realised that I needed to embrace it before rejecting it I actually had a good first year.

In a year I have learn't that  I can actually look after myself, buying your own food shopping is rather fun and makes you feel like an adult, washing your own clothes however isn't as fun and Canterbury isn't a town for carnage and party hard uni goers, which suits me fine.

I had a new round appreciation for my proximity to my usual London postcodes. I missed the small things, red buses, the ability to jump on a tube(something I didn't think i'd miss), to be able to get into central London in 20 minutes. But at the same time I appreciated my time away from the hecticness of the city and I enjoy my time in the english countryside (not even the countryside but it is compared to London)

I was lucky enough to meet wonderful friends this year, we are all similar and different at the same time but they definitely made my homesickness disappear. Without sounding disgustingly cringe worthy  it is like having a family away from home. You really don't have anyone other than your friends at university and everyone becomes incredibly close.

After going to school in Essex I was used to girls wearing lashing of fake tan, always wearing fake eyelashes and at least three layers of makeup, so it was a slight shock to the system to see that people actually went 'out out' dressed in jeans and flats. It's quite refreshing to be able to casually go out and wear whatever you feel like wearing.

When it comes to what to bring, I always say bring more, you can always get your parents to take some things back with them but you  don't want to be stuck without your home comforts. By the end of the year you'll realise that you only need two of everything really when it comes to kitchen and bathroom things ( me and my friends had some fun smashing mugs that we didn't want to pack at the end of the year).  I'd recommend a water filter (like Brita) if you are moving to a different part of the country because sometimes the water tastes a little funny.

I do recommend packing vitamins, these will help you through freshers and the whole year being surrounded by a plethora of germs, sounds like such a motherly thing to say but it is a necessity because you don't want to become un well at uni, you're mother is no longer there to bring you soup and tissues.

Photos of friends and family, cards and messages that you can put on your notice board will help you feel a little closer to home and will also make your room seem a little more personal. Me and my friends all had fairy lights in our rooms which made them feel really cosy as well as blankets and throw pillows.

I have to recommend on holding out on buying some of the text books unless your lecturers tell you that it's absolutely necessary otherwise you really waste an awful amount of money on books. That being said do buy the books that you do need, otherwise you'll be that annoying classmate who has to share with some poor person who bothered to buy the book.

The most important thing is to have fun, enjoy yourself and embrace the change. Do remember why you are there though! You aren't taking out a student loan and buying expensive books for nothing.

Good luck

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Nobu Nights

Going to University somewhere other than London made me realise just how much I love it and how much I take it for granted. During my February week break, the first thing I did was go out for dinner... in London. To celebrate my friend's 19th birthday we went to Nobu Berkley St. The illustrious restaurant chain that has luxurious dinner options all over the world. Nobu Berkeley street is in the heart of Mayfair and has seen plenty of famous diners. 

A range of wines, champagnes and cocktails

The food was delicious and fresh with a range of cooked to raw food on offer, they're was truly something for everyone. They are extremely accommodating, nothing was too big or too small and made you feel noticed in the bustle of the restaurant on a Friday night.

The raw salmon tacos were to die for! 

It was very hard to choose dessert...

Price: £50 plus per head

Disclosure: All food was brought with our own money, I have no affiliation with Nobu 

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Instagram moments #2

1. @gigihadid- Fashion week through Gigi's eyes
2. @theofficialselfridges - not being on London's doorstep makes me miss it even more, while being away at uni. 
3.@victoriassecret - Swim special behind the scenes
4. @lilyfortescue - if you are going to jog, at least look good
5. @laurenmirandax - The best pancakes of my life at The Breakfast Club
6. @imlucywatson - BFF's always take drunken pictures together.
7. @lilyaldridge - how many good looking people can we get in one picture 
8. @rubyrufusissacs - 'i'm fabulous' in one picture 
9. @thedaniellecampbell - Skiing pictures galore 

Monday, 12 January 2015

A Year in Review: 2014

2014 was a year that I really could not wait to see the back off. It was full of disappointment, broken friendships and change. While I did celebrate birthdays and experience new challenges the thought of a new year seemed far more inviting.

Here are 20 things that I did, learn't and experienced in 2014

1. Dyed my hair for the first time and then cut it 'short'
2. Left school and went to University
3. Made some incredible friends
4. Turned 18
5. Passed my driving test
6. Discovered the wonders of Patron
7. Wore a lot of Tartan
8. Discovered that I love country music
9. Learn't that I need to separate myself from my TV shows and live in reality.
10. Learn't that I look better with long hair
11. Learn't that it is best to stop drinking after the third glass
12. Went on a 'girls holiday' to a party island (Send me to St Tropez next time please)
13. Took a lot of selfies.
14. Instagram stalked a little too much
15. Learn't that I don't need to keep myself in situations where I don't feel comfortable.
16. Realised that not everything can last forever
17. Learn't that not all friendships are real.
18. Worked a washing machine for the first time
19. Brought a cup of tea for a homeless woman
20. Made some great fashion investments

Good Luck 2015, you don't have very big shoes to fill...

Friday, 19 December 2014

Top 10 People of 2014

Some of my favourite people of 2014, have not been obvious, they are not people that may necessarily be on the main roundups of this year. But if you know them, then their rise, development and achievements have been clear.

1. Adelaide Kane
Stars as Mary, Queen of Scots on The CW's Reign. She encapsulates the elegance and grace of a queen and has acted out some major storylines this season already.

2. Princess Madeleine 
Model in a tiara as I like to call the fourth in line to the Swedish throne. Princess Madeline is expecting her second child in the new year. But her humanitarian work and amazing sense of style brought her onto my radar.

3. Gigi Hadid 
If you don't know who Gigi Hadid is, I don't know where you've been. She's modelled for Guess, Sports illustrated and Tom ford all in one year and her on/off boyfriend is Cody Simpson. She has by far been my model of the year.

4. Dorothy wang 
Rich Kid of Beverly Hills, Birkin lover and Instagram royalty. Dorothy Wang is one of the memebers of E!' #richkidsofbeverlyhills and is heir to a fortune. Remember it's a big deal if she takes a selfie with you.

5. Danielle Campbell 
19-year-old Danielle Campbell has played Davina Clare in The Originals for over a year now. Her Instagram feed is a regular update of her life on set, off set and everything in between.

6. Daniel Sharman 
Okay, so forget about girl crushes, Daniel Sharman has been this years boy crush. Not many people know about the British actor, born in Hackney, London who has been in Teen Wolf and has now moved over to the Originals. He also starred in the immortals.

7. Dylan O'Brien 
Dylan O'Brien plays loveable, sarcastic sidekick stiles in the hit show Teen Wolf.  He broke out in his first leading role outside of the show in the film The Maze Runner. He was also featured in Vanity Fair's famous Young Hollywood issue.

8. Allie Sevdalis 
This year Allie Sevdalis has become one of my favourite youtubers. The Canadian born beauty guru, is down to earth and herself.  A lot of people have been criticising youtube and how its 'stars' have become money driven only doing videos for sponsorship and ads, but Allie is a breath of fresh air, making videos that matter to her and her viewers.

9.Sophia Bush 
Ever since I started watching One Tree Hill, I loved Sophia Bush, this year she began work on Chicago P.D which is quickly becoming one of NBC's favourite shows.

10. Romee Strijd
A new Victoria's Secret Model, not  yet an angel. She walked in her first show this year. I predicted Elsa Hosk would do well in Victoria's Secret and I'm doing the same for Romee.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014

This year, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was more eventful than ever. With the show in London, Lindsay no longer being an Angel and the announcement that Doutzen hasn't renewed her contract. This show was a first and last for many. Musical guests included Hozier, Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, the latter performing at her second show, once again stealing the show (something that was not welcomed by some fans). Photo credit:Tumblr

Pre show: Behati, Lily, Adriana,Karlie, Elsa, Alessandra 

Finale or Pre show? 

The blondes have it! Elsa Hosk and Candice Swanepoel in 'Fairytale'

In her alleged final show Doutzen Kroes, 3 months post baby. Behati Prinsloo backstage.

The Fantasy Bras worn by Best friends Adriana and Alessandra. Each bra set in worth 2 Million each. 

University of Pink opened by Elsa.

Queen of the runway; Adriana Lima. Final Segment for Dutch Doutzen.

Until next year my angels. 

Monday, 6 October 2014

REVIEW: The Glamour Beauty Power List Box 2014

Glamour release a beauty box based on their top picks from the beauty power list. The box contains 7 deluxe sample and full sized products as well as years Glamour subscription for only £15.99 ( which is the price of the subscription alone) I managed to purchase one early September and got my box before I left for uni. Get your Glamour Beauty box here 

The box includes

1. Eyeko eye makeup remover wipes: I'm always a little skeptical when it comes to eye makeup wipes due to you having to wipe them across your eye pulling the skin around it. I will be testing these out though as they claim to remove makeup gently and have olive oil and aloe extract.

2. James Read Sleep Mask Tan: Something that I won't be using! It will most likely be given to a friend or family member

3. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish: Hot Cloth Cleanser: I've only ever heard good things about this product so I can't wait to test them out when I have a pamper evening.

4.Maybelline Stripped Nudes by Colorsensational: When I first saw the colour I thought it would far too light for me, but in fact when applied lightly and finished with a pink glossy lipgloss it is the perfect colour.

5. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer: I've wanted to try a Laura Mercier product for a while now and I'm in the market for a new foundation primer so I'm really excited to try this one and see if it works for me.

6. Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara: I love mascara but i've never trie Bourjois for mascara! I've already used this product and I absolutely love it. I makes my eyelashes look amazing.

7. Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence: I love trying out new heat protectants. I straighten my hair a lot so I'm always on the lookout for something that is going to bring something new to the table.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Fashion Week Picks: MFW & PFW

Now that the seasons fashion week has come to a close. The final picks are here.

1. Louis Vuitton invite (Photo Credit : @kristinabazan)

2. Dior Catwalk (Photo Credit : @britishvogue)

3. Gigi Hadid walking at Sonia Rykiel (Photo Credit : @amytastley)

4. John Pual Gaultier finale (Photo Credit : @jpgaultieroffical)

5. Model moment at Chanel (Photo Credit : @gigihadid)

6. Barbie Moschino (Photo Credit : @amytastley)

7. Legendary selfie?  (Photo Credit : @voguemagazine)

8. Past and Present Victoria's secret angels all eat dinner after pfw (Photo Credit : @rosiehw)

9. Visually stunning runway at Balenciaga (Photo Credit : @voguemagazine)

Monday, 29 September 2014

Music Favourites

I love an album release, playlist and song that you just can't get out of your head. In the past few weeks there have been some songs that have truly stuck in my head and some new albums that I've been loving. My music taste may not be to everyone's taste and i'm not into the indie music that everyone seems to be loving at the moment ( that's not to say there aren't a few songs that my friends have shown me that I think are great). I'm definitely a pop/RnB kind of girl, So these are my personal favourites that may not be to everyones taste.

1. Pixie Lott's new album: 'PIXIE LOTT'
I've been a fan of Pixie's since the start, every album for me is a winner, but this album is so soulful.
Favourite Tracks: Leaving you, Breakup Song,  Ain't got you

2. Ariana Grande's new album: 'MY EVERYTHING'
I loved the first album and this one is just as good. Ariana's voice is amazing there is no denying that.
Favourite tracks: Best Mistake (feat. Big Sean), My Everything, Problem ( feat Iggy Azalea)

3. Maroon 5's new album: 'V'
I have a slight crush on Adam Levine and the fact that he's married to Behati Prinsloo makes me love Maroon 5 a little more. However Maroon 5 had a very special place on my Holiday playlist that was burned onto a cd and played via a portable cd player, back in the day with 'This love' so I couldn't deny them a spot on my september playlist
Favourite tracks: Unkiss me, Maps, My heart is open (feat. Gwen Stefani)

4. Iggy Azalea's new track:  'BLACK WIDOW'
I love anything with a good beat, good vocals and some good crossovers between RnB and Rap. It's definitely one of the songs stuck in my head this month.

5. Ben Khan's 'DRIVE'
Featured on the new Victoria's Secret advert for the new Fearless collection, instantly I was captivated by the beat to this song.

BONUS: There are some songs that I remember from my childhood that hold a rather special place is my musical heart. The appear and reappear on my playlists from time to time. This month I have rekindled my love for No Doubt's 'DON'T SPEAK' I don't think I will ever stop loving this song. The second song is Torn but in particular it was Cassadee pope's cover that really hooked me this time around. Her acoustic cover of one of my all time favourite songs is simply amazing. Check it out below.

Check out my September playlist on spotify.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fashion Week Picks: LFW

Sorry for the delay but my picks from the latest London Fashion Week are here. There weren't as many as there were for my NYFW picks but I always find that London has a different feel to it than New York's runway.

1. Whistles turned the entrance of Kings Cross into a fashion escalator ( Photo Credit: @britishvogue)

2. Birds of a feather at Erdem ( Photo Credit: @erdemlondon)

3. Stella McCartney at her green carpet launch ( Photo Credit: @britishvogue)

4. Braids braids braids. ( Photo Credit: @erdemlondon)

5.  Model moment: Jourdan Dunn Backstage at Burberry ( Photo Credit: @burberry)

6. Any picture of Anna Wintour is a favourite of mine ( Photo Credit: @burberry)