Saturday, 28 February 2015

Instagram moments #2

1. @gigihadid- Fashion week through Gigi's eyes
2. @theofficialselfridges - not being on London's doorstep makes me miss it even more, while being away at uni. 
3.@victoriassecret - Swim special behind the scenes
4. @lilyfortescue - if you are going to jog, at least look good
5. @laurenmirandax - The best pancakes of my life at The Breakfast Club
6. @imlucywatson - BFF's always take drunken pictures together.
7. @lilyaldridge - how many good looking people can we get in one picture 
8. @rubyrufusissacs - 'i'm fabulous' in one picture 
9. @thedaniellecampbell - Skiing pictures galore