Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Feelin' a little country...

One of my not so secret obsessions is America, I love it, I want to live there, I could talk about that country all day long. I've totally bought into the American dream. However at the moment I am loving the south, country music, southern outfits, southern hair... everything. I think it's down to me watching Eric and Jessie on repeat but regardless my style the last few days has been country inspired.  so I thought that I would share my country favourites with you.

1. Jessie James Decker is currently my new girl crush. She is a country pop singer who stars with her husband on their E! reality tv show. The first season followed the run up to their wedding and this season follows the lead up to the arrival of their daughter, Vivienne Rose Jessie along with  her mother, sister and best friend are so country fabulous that they have been inspiring my looks this week!
Eric and Jessie: Game on airs Sundays on E!

2. Bandannas and denim shorts. Oh so country. Tousled/mermaid hair with a bandanna is so perfect for work, school, lunch dates and they look even better with a bun. Who doesn't love denim shorts! Denim shorts with a baggy white t shirt and a stack of arm candy will be a staple look for the summer.

3. Country music. Okay so i'm not a hardcore country music lover, but I do love a little country/pop as much as the next girl. Here is my country spotify playlist that I have put together, to satisfy my country needs. It only has a few songs at the moment. Spotify Country Playlist