Saturday, 1 March 2014

February Favourites

With the month of love finally over, i'm here to share my favourites for the month of february with you all...

1. Sophia Bush
It's no secret that I love Sophia Bush, but this month I've been obsessed with her. She is not only an inspiration to women but to everyone. Far from a stereotypical actress, Bush's resume list philanthropist and do gooder. This moth Bush was presented with an Ally for equality Award from Human Rights Campaign for 'outstanding leadership and service to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community'

2. Iphone app: Word
Word is an app for iphones that delivers daily bible quotes in fun formats such as inspirational quotes. This app brings the bible to me everyday in an innovating way.

3. #RichKidsOfBeverlyHills
This show has met some harsh criticism, but overall its entertainment. These 25/26 year old billionaires are pure  entertainment from their bizarre quotes such as 'I don't like to smile at strangers, I don't want to use up the collagen I have left in my face'... to grabbing their birkins as an exotic bug flies round their hotel room in Cabo San Lucas.

4. Kate Spade
Kate Spade is fabulous, flawless, fantastic. 
I'm in love with every bag, purse, shoe and iphone case. 

5. A Note from the Universe
I first heard about a not from the universe, when Nina Dobrev would post hers on instagram. This month I signed up and every weekday, I receive my note from the universe. It truly does make my day better, cheer me up and inspire me.

Happy March