Thursday, 13 February 2014

Beauty Love, Fashion Love, Self Love

Love, love, love. February the month of love which centres around valentines day, the day exactly half way through. Valentines day is often seen as a chance to profess love, spoil your loved one or even seen as a commercialized con day. However whatever you are doing this valentines day, whether that be a date, a girls night or even nothing, you don't have to have someone to make you feel special tomorrow... Make yourself feel good! 

1. Wear pink/ red tomorrow whether that be through clothing, accessories or makeup. 
 Red and pink are such bright, fun colours that by wearing them somehow tomorrow, you can boost your confidence and feel good about yourself all day. Wear red nails or lips for a daring, sultry look or go pink and embrace your inner girl.

2. Enjoy yourself
Do something tomorrow that will make you happy. Have a girls night in your pjammas and order in. Have a date with someone and wear your new favourite dress or even have a pamper night, run a bath, use a bath bomb and put on a hair and face mask... You never need an excuse to treat yourself. 

3. Love you
Challenge yourself to write down three things that you long about yourself. Self love is the most important thing. What makes you stand out? What makes you special? What do you love about you? Sometimes you don't need someone else to love you other than you.

4. Be inspired 
Whether this be through clothes, makeup or demeanor, be inspired tomorrow. Whoever is your style icon or idol, emulate them tomorrow. Carry their confidence, or pull off their signature dark lip. Whatever you do, do it with confidence.

5. Be happy 
I don't believe that anyone should be sad tomorrow. Valentines is my favourite holiday, it's not just about romantic love, but love for friends, family, obssessions, food and most importantly you. It's not about having a boyfriend/ girlfriend, it's about love in general. It should be a happy day that is a day to remember that you are a person, a strong character, loveable and most importantly you. 

Happy valentines day!!

Photo credit: 
@sophiabush (Instagram)