Monday, 3 February 2014

If Monday were a shoe, it would be a croc

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This week I feel uninspired and unmotivated. A pick me up is in need. This gem of a photo I found on instagram, cute and fun, this will be my background for this week, to inspire me to be courageous, outgoing and to get the job done. My love for mermaids stems from my love of The Little Mermaid and Ariel because who doesn't want to be a mermaid? laying on rocks and combing your hair? Totally superficial I know. But the child in me still hopes that Mermaids are real, 95% of the ocean hasn't been truly discovered, but mermaids are beautiful mythical creatures that are a female remodel if you could call them that. But happy monday and always be your self... unless you can be a mermaid then be a mermaid

What's your favourite disney film?