Friday, 25 April 2014

18 Years of Music

As my 18th birthday approaches, I'm getting a bit of nostalgia. I mean I'm no longer a child, I'm leaving school and leaving home, it's taking its emotional toll on me. So I decided to create a blog series; 18 Years. 18 Years of music, fashion, beauty, tv , film and everything that has made my childhood, teenhood and life up until now. I hope you enjoy this journey from 1996 - 2014

So there are too many songs that made my childhood. I grew up around music, i loved it! I used to use my cassette player and listen to tapes until I got my very first CD that was mine and not my dad's for christmas one year it was Jennifer Lopez; Jenny from the block. Music now is so accessible for my generation. Bellow are a few that come to mind when I think of late 90's early 2000's music. However in order to put 18 years worth of music in one place I made a spotify account. I had so much fun making this playlist, some of the songs I hadn't listen to myself for over a decade.I've lived through some of the best collaborations, the evolution of bubblegum pop and the rise of Beyonce. Enjoy

Britney spears, Hit Me Baby One More Time.

Destiny Child, Bills,Bills,Bills, Say My Name, jumping

Beyonce, Crazy in love, Drunk in Love, Irreplaceable, Single Ladies

Christina Aguilera, Genie in a bottle, What A Girl Wants

Leann Rimes, Can't Fight The Moonlight (2000)

S Club, Reach For The Stars, S Club party ( 1999)

Spice Girls, Wannabe, Spice up Your Life, Viva Forever, 2 Become 1

Sugababes Too Lost In You (2003)

Spotify Playlist: 18 years