Friday, 30 August 2013

One To Watch : Away With The Pixie

I was lucky enough to meet Nicole and Georgina through Twitter and yes internet friends are real and if you need proof these girls became besties through twitter. The one person who made them find each other was Pixie Lott. Their combined love of her made them became ridiculously close and now they have started their own Blog. Think of them as the Serena and Blair of the blogger world. 

Their Bio on their blog reads:

As crazy as it sounds, this duo were formed supporting their idol from a young age. Nicole who is 17 from Surrey and Georgina who is 16 from Worcestershire (sort of near birmingham, sort of near stratford where shakespeare lived) met thanks to their equal admiration for superstar Pixie Lott.
From matching Pixie t-shirts and 'crazycat' print leggings to vintage boutiques and chanel monochrome, Nicole and Georgina found they had far too much in common when it came to fashion. Mix georginas love for diamonds and glitter and Nicoles passion for high end style and mixing and matching with a few cute flowers and ribbons that screams 'never growing up' but still somehow works.

All these best friends wants to do is share embrace and inspire their style to the big wide world, and help others find and discover their personality through the beauty of experimenting with fabric.

''fashion is a reflection of your personality, so have fun and experiment''

They are just starting out but these girls have true passion for what they love. Starting something like a blog it takes hard work and dedication. And a bit like any craft you have to work at it or have a natural talent and these girls sure do have talent.  Trust me you want to stay tuned to their blog. Their personal style is amazing and unique but just as easily accessible and re creatable. 
That's why they are this months one to watch!

So why not check out their blog: 

In blogs we trust