Thursday, 29 August 2013

From Sun and Shore to School and Sofas

It's that time again where the Parisians come back from the south of france, the upper east siders return from the hamptons, the west coasters return from Cabo and the Londers return from any warm destination that we could find. Unfortunately school is around the corner and whether its high school, college or university or even work sometimes you need a little inspiration to help shake things up. Here are my top fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips to survive  getting up early.

Black studded ballet pumps - ballet pumps - shoes / boots - women1. If like me you attend a school where uniform is mandatory or even work somewhere where the dress code is strict then accessorizing can be your best friend. Customise your uniform with hair bands, bows, bracelets and bags, small things that make your individuality shine through. Last year I took to wearing a pinafore instead of a skirt (miss Selfridge) and hair bows. Primark is somewhere where you can find cute accessories for a ridiculously cheap price. Why not try wearing a pair of ballet pumps with studs or sequins on them?

River Island : £25.00

Another one of my favorite products: Maybeline Fit Me Concealer! This product is awesome! I use this concealer to highlight specific areas of my face and to shape my eyebrows! $7-$10!2. Concealer.Concealer .Concealer. Big bags under your eyes is never going to scream I'm ready to start. Invest in a concealer that will help you look alert, awake and amazing. I personally love Maybeline fit me concealer for under my eyes. The slight gel formula glides on and stays all day. Chose your concealer for your under eyes in a shade lighter than your normal concealer to give a brighten effect and set with face powder, lightly dusting under your eyes. Remember pat and push never pull it will make the skin wrinkly and saggy.

Maybeline Fit Me Concealer:  £5.99 available at boots.

Heathly Snack Caddy for the Fridge.

3. Walk past Starbucks and go straight to EAT or even better bring a pack lunch. Eating well will not only help you lose weight but it will make your hair and skin look and feel better, it will make you perform better and keep your concentration for longer and make you feel good about yourself. Healthy eating doesn't have to be dull and boring either I find tons of ideas on sites like Tumblr and Pinterest  Remember to hydrate! With water and moisturizer and with the cold months coming up we need all the help we can get.

4. Last but not least remember to stay positive! Easy to say hard to do! There is always going to be something or someone who wants to bring you down but at the end of the day do whatever you are doing for yourself, not for others. Get that A for you, Get that Promotion for you or even Get those shoes for you not because someone is telling you to. Its easy to just wallow and hide away but it takes more courage to defy them. School, Work, Life . They  are hard places but there is always something better coming for you. And any days that you do feel a bit sad why not watch this by one of my favourite youtubers : LaurenElizabeth :

Have an amazing year!

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