Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fall 2013 Beauty Trends

It's no secret that Fall, by far is my favourite season. The jumpers, the tights, the boots, the pumpkin spiced lattes. However the best part of Fall...... the BEAUTY! The maroons and reds and blacks and greens, they make fall all the better and make you forget about the chilly weather.

Wine Lips

It's all about the berry lips, ladies. Get to the stores and pick as many as you can. This trend surfaced last year and it looks as if it's here to stay for another year. My personal favourite is Ballet Russe from Chanel and when I want a lighter colour and a glossier finish I turn to Revlon lip butter in raspberry pie. A bold lipstick like the Chanel can just as easily be blotted onto the lips with a fuchsia lip gloss placed over the top to create a perfect autumn berry look.

Coloured Eyes


We are going back to the 80's in the best sense possible. Coloured eye shadow used to be a thing of the past, tacky and over done, it was all about the neutral eyes with the black liner but now, the colours have fought back. From liner, to shadow, to mascara, colour is back and bigger than ever. Maybeline have come out with limited edition coloured Great Lash mascara, Lancome and D&G have released Coloured liquid liners and every brand in between have been bringing out the rainbow.  Even if you don’t want to invest in a passing trend used a eye shadow in green, purple, blue or red and use a pencil brush, a spray of setting spray (optional) and use as a liner. It works just as well, saves money and looks original.

Oh Naturel


Last year it was all about the harsh contour and highlight, but with the natural look also being in its more of a natural glow that is blended out rather than the harsh lines. Trust me, it will take me a while to get over my harsh contouring that defined my face but this trend is something to embrace. Looking natural in the autumn is a refreshing change.

Waves, Tousled, Side, Waves, Tousled, Side

Forget big kim Kardashian, glamour curls, this fall 2013 its all about the waves. Think blake lively, turn the heat down on your curlers or hold the hair on for a shorter time, while twisting the hair round the barrel ( no clamp) instead on making sure the hair is smooth and  tight. To finish add hairspray and scrunch.

Scrunch Scrunch Scrunch. Scrunching, say it! Its your new best friend this season .

 For tousled hair use a salt spray, mouse or beach spray and scrunch!! Set with hairspray if needed.
And finally the side sweep, side part your hair pull into a medium height ponytail and set with hairspray if needed. Alternatively combine two hair trends by side parting and sweeping in to a low bun at the base of your neck. Or braid loosely into a side braid.
Tah Dah! Easy, simple, everyday hair that is perfect for school or work, 

Small beauty tips that can help you look on season this Fall!

Happy Autumn

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