Saturday, 21 July 2012

Four items, £4 = bargain!

While searching through the aisles of a makeup store ( superdrug). I found a brand of makeup called MUA. The products ranged from £1 -£10. I couldn't really resist could I ? So i brought four items just to try it out. And no, its no mac but it's not half bad! the blush and the eye shadow very pigmented  which is good for £ 1 each. The colours and the textures are also  great quality.
Blusher in shade 2.
This gives a nice rosy glow to the cheeks.

Blusher in shade 4.
This gives more of a bronzed look to my cheeks. A darker more defined  blush
Lipstick in shade juicy  -15.
A pink coral lipstick  to add a little pop of colour to a look. Use a moisturizer  or a lip balm before use as its not very moisturizing.

Eye shadow in shade 28 - pearl.
A nice shimmer brown with gold pigments. Perfect for  giving an extra sparkle for a summer evening.

Visit the MUA website for more products: