Monday, 1 September 2014

Back to School Essentials

It's that time of year again. Summer is gone and Autumn is here which means that it is back to school time. This year I venture to university, which is going to be different than anything I have ever experienced, which is slightly scaring me. However this is my favourite time of year, september marks the start of a new school year, the chance to work harder and try harder. The start of autumn, getting closer to winter, Starbucks stocking pumpkin spiced lattes and the opportunity to get your scarves out. So I have made a list of the things that have helped me through exam years and that I can't live without for school.

1. Longchamp or a pocket bag. I love Longchamp bags, they are the reliable best friend that is always there when all your other friends fail you. I love this burgundy/oxblood colour that is perfect for autumn. Another bag I love is one with pockets, perfect to separate notebooks from laptops from makeup. Some of my favourite inexpensive bags are from zara, they are chic yet cute.

2.  A planner. my favourite planners include a month to view along with everything else. I take time colour code this part of my planner and make sure that everything is exactly where it needs to be. This is the second year that I have purchased my planner from Pink.

3. Eye cream. Trust me you'll need this. I apply this every night before bed and sometimes if needed in the mornings to deflate those designer bags under your eyes.

4.Sanitizer! YOU NEED TO SANITIZE YOUR HANDS. Back to school means the spreading of germs! Carry a small bottle on you at all times and try to wash your hands when you get home.

5. Hydrate. In order for your brain to do it's job and help you get the best grades possible you need to hydrate. Not only will it help you concentrate but it will also help your hair, nails and skin.

6. Beats. I can't live without my beats when I need to study and block out the rest of the world. Even when I write blog posts I like to plug them in. My creativity needs approved sounds apparently. 

7. Coloured pens. Coloured pens help you colour code and stay organised and make sure that everything looks pretty in the process. 

8. Books. I don't mean textbooks. Sometimes it is nice to sit and read a fiction book or biography to get away from the facts and your textbooks as well as the blue lights in your computer and phone.

9.To do lists. In order for me to achieve any success in my school work I need to be organised I found this amazing to do list on my pinterest by Thyme in Honey, I will definitely be using this in my organisation this year. As well as this organisation guide from momsfavouritestuff ;

10. Frame of mind. You need to start the school year with the right frame of mid. You cant start the year not preparing yourself for what's ahead. set your self up for a succesful year that is productive as well as fun and even when you fall off the band wagon, you'll find it easy to jump back on.

Have an amazing school year