Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Special post of reaching the goal of 1000 views!

Thank you so much for the dedication and the support!!
I really do appreciate every single view that this blog gets, every new follower and every comment. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When I made this blog I never thought that anyone was going to read it, let alone want to come back for more. As the first anniversary of the blog dawns, I have made my first goal!! The blog has made be realise how much I really do love blogging and what encourages me is that I am only 16 and I have been posting while doing my GCSE's. You can tell when the revision started  as the posts dropped down to one every two months!! In the summer this is my main priority, so look forward to a swarm of post and marketing this blog!

Always remember my main aim is to deliver fashion to those who love it most! And that is you my readers!

Remember to share with friends and always talk about behind the runway..... and return all the time!!

Thank you again

With Love,

From Behind The Runway