Sunday, 5 February 2012

One To Watch: Nina Dobrev

She took our breath away in The Vampire Diaries with her perfect olive skin, big brown eyes and perfect hair and in the past year we have seen her expand from her Elena coustume of jeans and converse (which she still manages to look beautiful in) and showed us that she has a flock of designers falling at her feet. This girl is showing her full potential. She is a new american beauty and makes  girls with brown hair and brown eyes to feel like we don't have to be blonde and blue eyed all american apple pie cheerleader. No wonder why she has two vampires chasing after her, and one of them in real life.

Nina at the 2011 Emmys , which she attended with her boyfriend and co- star Ian Somerhalder. She wore a red fishtail style dress by Donna Karen.

at the 2012 People choice awards which she again attended with Ian Somerhalder, she wore a green lace sleeve Elie Saab dress.

 Nina at 'The ripple effect' Charity dinner (December 2011) in Monique Lhuillier fall 2011 dress,

Nina at 'A promise of beauty and brilliance' Golden Globes awards ( January 2012) event in Monique Lhuillier again.

Nina at the Teen choice awards ( August 2011) in a D&G Gingham tank dress.

As you can see, it doesn't really need explaining why Nina is our One To Watch for February 2012

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