Sunday, 14 August 2011

GaGA is GaGa no more!

Lady Fashion??
 Images of Lady GaGa hit the world when she has stepped out looking, dare i say normal!!!! Miss GaGa was seen in a one shoulder black maxi dress teamed with shades, gloves and a clucth and then in a black dress with a normak ccolourful print on it !!

She does look fab and theres no denying that, but how can she be GaGa without the GaGaness! but the behive does look fab! is this a new era of the GagGa, i sure she will make fab music still, but maybe she has taken into consideration her young fans and the way that she dressed and the way that  she effects them?? well have your say below , if you would dare to comment!!!

Come on why not comment! don't be a Drag just be a Queen!
is this the new GaGa??

The reason she is called GaGa, the infamous meat outfit

Mayeb something i would not wear

wont have any posts from the 16st -31st as i am going away ,

au revoir
bon voyage à moi

( did i mention i'm studying GCSE French )